Пудра 3D Хайлайтер "ГЛАМУР"

Бренд: Лукс
Форма выпуска: 9 г
Доступность: На складе
Артикул: 7310004

  • 846 грн

Пудра 3D Хайлайтер "ГЛАМУР" с антиоксидантами и витаминами для светящихся акцентов.

A new addition to the LOOkX make-up collection is the Glamgirl highlighter. This powder will provide the ultimate glamgirl finish to every look. Apply the product using the LOOkX powder brush, to the cheekbones, nosebridge, cupid's bow and as highlighter under the brows. The formula is enriched with Vitamin E (a powerful anti-oxidant to combat the ageing process) and hydrating ingredients. 

- Ensures a radiant complexion
- Creates a beautiful glimmer due to the added light reflecting particles. 
- Bronzer and highlighter in one
- Moisturising ingredients and natural anti-oxidants protects the skin against premature aging. 

*Skincare based *Anti-ageing *Skin friendly *Easy to use *For all skin types *Paraben free *Mineral oil free *Parfum free *Not tested on animals *Rich in minerals and other natural ingredients 

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