Мерцающие тени для век - тон 30 (Цветок)

Бренд: Лукс
Форма выпуска: 1,6 г
Доступность: На складе
Артикул: 7420017

  • 304 грн

LOOkX Eyeshadow No. 30 Flower pearl+ is a high-pigmented eyeshadow infused with vitamin E. The eyeshadows have many colours and textures  that promotes a radiant and healthy  look. The colour applies smoothly and evenly and stays crease-free for all-day wear. Moisturizing ingredients and anti-oxidants protects against pre-mature aging.

Why  LOOkX Eyeshadow?
- Makeup with  built-in skincare
- High-pigmented 
- Anti-ageing
- Softening and hydrating
- Free of parabens and mineral oils
- Easy to use 
- Not tested on animals

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